About Soniya Gandhi:





Dr. Soniya Gandhi has awarded a Bachelor in Homeopathic medicines and surgery(B.H.M.S.) in 2004, in India.


With the zeal for Natural Medicine, she pursued further education at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, and graduated in 2009. She is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Oregon. 



She began practicing in 2011 with the goal of assisting people to achieve their health goals and guiding them on the health journey.


In India and in the USA, she has gained ample experience in Natural and Holistic Medicine. She manages diseases effectively and successfully. 


She loves her work and strives for success by providing good patient care. 


She is practicing result oriented medicine, which means, she wants to see individuals experiencing improvement in their conditions. 


Her approach: 


Health is the state of dynamic balance. It is the balance of our body systems, emotions, and mental state. Each one of us is unique and so does our body, emotional, and mental state. 


Due to various reasons, this rhythm gets disturbed and diseases develop. The symptoms are the body’s attempt to tell us that there is an inner imbalance. 


She works with individuals to find out the reasons or causes for their condition/conditions and then assists them in bringing balance and harmony.


The holistic approach and scientific inquiry are the core elements of her practice.